CBT for GPs

Patients access through the NHS

Computerised CBT is identified as one of the interventions that should be offered to people with mild to moderate depression and/or within the published NICE Guidelines about managing common mental health problems. It is a core part of level 2 of the stepped care approach.

How Beating the Blues can help GPs and their Patients

Primarily due to the current COVID pandemic there has been an increase in mental health problems presenting in society. This is likely to lead to much longer waiting times for face to face treatments to be accessed. By making Beating the Blues available it can help to reduce waiting times and help you to give an immediate response to your patients needs.

Reduce Waiting Times

By reducing waiting times, it can help improve resources within your practice, potential clients who you believe will need to be disengaged but aren’t fully sure can benefit from this. You will get regular updates on the progress of your client and our system will send an alert to your email if our advanced algorithm picks up signs of suicidal tendencies depending on answers from the course.

Increasing your recovery rates

Beating the Blues has been proven to help patients get better and stay better and has been shown by NICE to be very cost effective. The flexibility of the course will allow your clients to do the course at their own pace and during their own time. This will help provide immediate solutions for your patients which can help you save money and time whilst working at the same level and capacity. 

If Beating the Blues is already not available in your practice or locality and you think that you or your patients would benefit from having access to CCBT then please contact us.

If you want to find out more please contact our team.

GP Offer

Beating the Blues was the first cCBT programme to be recommended by NICE (2007). Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) is recommended by the National Institute for Care Excellence for the treatment of mild and/or moderate depression and generalised anxiety conditions. Beating the Blues Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and can be used as a stand-alone treatment or alongside medication or treatment plans for people with Chronic Health Conditions.
Beating the Blues brings all the benefits of CBT directly to your patients by the use of computer and multi-media technology, when and where they choose and with no waiting period. 22 peer-reviewed and published studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Beating the Blues to help people suffering from mild and/or moderate depression and anxiety, by teaching practical, lifelong skills to help them feel better and stay better. People using Beating the Blues benefit from 30 additional depression free-days in the 6 months after treatment. Nine out of ten patients would recommend Beating the Blues to others and over half found the program better than other treatments they had previously received.