Coronavirus and Workplace Mental Health

Before coronavirus, poor mental health in the workplace was already commonplace, constituting a 24% drain on workplace productivity. 

Since coronavirus, national levels of anxiety and depression symptoms have risen by 50%, with work-life being a contributing factor.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Employees

Due to the current economic climate, entire industries across the UK are subject to increasing external pressures.  As extreme measures are taken to ensure businesses survive, these pressures are inevitably felt by staff at all levels of the workforce.   Further common wellbeing challenges that have arisen as a result of coronavirus and associated response measures include uncertainty over the future, working from home, changes to social routines and loneliness.

These circumstances can cause employees to become stressed, anxious or depressed, damaging their wellbeing and impeding their performance.  A lack of productivity (presenteeism) and/or time out from work (absenteeism) may result. 

The Cost to Employers 

Occupational stress affects millions of people across the UK every year and is costly to not only individuals and their families but also to employers and the wider UK economy.  Deloitte estimate that poor mental health costs UK employers £45bn each year.  Implications of poor employee mental health for employers include workplace absence and ineffective workplace performance, known as presenteeism, both of which impede overall productivity and revenue generation.  

Studies from YouGov, Oxford Economics and Mental Health Foundation conclude that mental health is a core business asset and should be integrated into overarching business strategy. 

How Beating the Blues can benefit your employees

Beating the Blues Online CBT course helps identify and correct problematic thought and behaviour patterns by teaching techniques and coping mechanisms that reduce symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Employees can carry out our self-guided programme at a time, place and via a device of their choosing, allowing them to improve their mental health confidentially, at their own convenience and with no waiting period.  

Beating the Blues equips staff with the tools to cope with the financial, social, domestic and emotional pressures arising from present uncertainty.  Meanwhile, alleviating stress, building confidence and boosting morale will also benefit employees’ ability to handle professional challenges such as remote working, now and in the future.

How Beating the Blues can benefit your Organisation

The benefits of using Beating the Blues to support your people and your business are not limited to fostering a healthier workforce.  Outcomes are recognised to encompass commercial, financial, cultural and ethical benefits across the following:

  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Motivation and Morale
  • Absenteeism and Presenteeism
  • Productivity and Revenue  
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Public Relations and Online Media 
  • Supportive Workplace Culture
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Employer-Employee Relations
  • Catalysing your organisation’s Digital Transition
  • Return on Investment 

Studies by Mental Health Foundation and Deloitte indicate that investment in workplace mental health generates a Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 10:1. Based on evidence that Beating the Blues produces outcomes equivalent to those produced by face-to- face therapy and significantly more affordable price estimates, this ROI can be multiplied by 5. 

Beating the Blues presents a more cost-effective way to generate the benefits of investing in workplace mental health.

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