CBT in the Workplace

Before Coronavirus poor mental health in the workplace was already commonplace, constituting a 24% drain on workplace productivity. Since Coronavirus, national levels of Anxiety and Depression symptoms have risen by 50%, with work-life being a contributing factor. 

Occupational stress affects millions of people across the UK every year and is not only costly to the individual and their families, in regards to their mental health. It can also have implications on organisations due to workplace absence due to loss of productivity.

With the current economic climate, work organisations across the UK are subjected to increasing pressure due to external factors out of the companies control. In order to survive in this competitive economic environment, there is inevitably an increasing pressure on staff to produce more for less. This can lead to employees becoming stressed and having to take time out from work.

How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to treat Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the number one treatment of choice for Generalised Anxiety Disorder across the UK. CBT involves amending or changing the process in how you deal with intrusive thoughts. The course will teach you to learn new thinking processes and practical techniques which will help to alleviate the worry and enable you to manage your anxiety. 

How the course will help you benefit with Anxiety

By helping you identify your thinking patterns and current behaviours we can learn how to turn around a problematic thinking process and replace it with a new fresh view that will give you your confidence back and reduce your anxiety. By learning to manage the situations, which you previously dreaded, through adopting new strategies to help you feel comfortable in any situation. Discovering these new behavioral strategies will help you feel better and stay better. 

How do you know if you are anxious?

The easiest signs of anxiety to recognise are physical changes, such as sweating, a racing heart, palpitations, or rapid breathing. These changes are caused by an increase in adrenaline, the substance which is released by your body to help you get ready to deal with danger or escape from something. It is quite normal to feel anxious when you are facing something dangerous or difficult, but it is not usual to feel anxious all the time or to feel that anxiety is ruling your life. Take our simple online test to see if you are anxious or depressed. Often these two conditions occur together

How Beating the Blues’s Course can benefit your Employees

Beating the Blues Online CBT course will help identify thought and behaviour patterns that cause problematic thinking which can then lead to anxiety. By offering learning techniques and coping mechanisms it will help correct negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts helping to increase productivity. By reducing anxiety levels, it will help to improve employees confidence and help improve morale amongst staff.

How Beating the Blue’s Course can benefit your Company

Improving employee health and wellbeing by equipping staff with tools to cope with social, domestic and emotional pressure in the workplace can take away arising issues during this uncertain time. Further to this, the course can also help alleviate the pressures on those working from home and can help to empower your workforce to better cope with remote working moving forward. This can then help reduce the absenteeism rate whilst improving turnover and productivity which help improve ROI