Help and Support

If you are having problems with Beating the Blues, please confirm your system meets the minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 7 (or above), the latest version of Firefox or the latest version of Chrome
  • Flash 9.0.115 or above
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Internet connection of at least 512kbps
  • 750 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 64 MB Graphic card and a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
  • Sound card and speakers or earphones
  • Printer
  • Regrettably, we are unable to support users running Linux

Please note: If not already installed, you will need administrator permission to install or upgrade Flash and/or a supported browser.

Connection Requirements

  • Internet connection Speed: 512kbps

You will not always get the speed that your supplier claims to provide you with, if you share your connection with other computers (working on a network) it’s worth checking the speed you actually get on your machine.

To do this, go to then click on “Begin” The site will take about 30 seconds to complete the test and will provide a download speed and an upload speed. The minimum you need to achieve is:

  • Download: 512kbps
  • Upload: 100kbps

Please note we DO NOT recommend using Beating the Blues through a 3G connection.

Beating the Blues is running slowly

If each page loads slowly, it’s likely your machine isn’t up to the minimum requirements, please check your computer meets the minimum requirements. If the videos load slowly and are jumpy, this is probably due to your internet connection not being fast enough.

Please check your internet connection speed. If you continue to have problems, please contact your Beating the Blues Provider.

Can’t Start Session

Beating the Blues Sessions use Flash Technology it is therefore essential to have Flash installed on the browser in order to complete the Beating the Blues Sessions. Some users experience problems when attempting to access the sessions and see just a Blue Screen. Please check that flash is installed on the machine – the latest version can be downloaded and installed for free from where it is also possible to verify Flash is installed.

If Flash is definitely installed and the problem still persists then it’s possible that you are using the program from behind a firewall that either does not allow flash to be used (This is often done on corporate networks as many non-work related sites use flash technology). To check if you are able to view flash technology try watching something on BBC iPlayer.

If you are able to watch programs on BBC iPlayer then Flash is installed correctly – if you are still unable to start a session then it’s possible that those responsible for your firewall are preventing media being downloaded from Beating the Blues,

Alternatively you may need to consider using the program from an alternative location.

There is no continue button – how to I move on?

Some screens have menus – particularly where the case studies are available to view, but also other menus where you are required to view several options. If there is no continue button, click on each of the menu buttons and you’ll find the continue button is presented when you have viewed enough of the examples.

I am unable to view the videos

If you are unable to view the videos at all: The Beating the Blues videos use Flash technology, to provide the content you see on the screen. This is the same technology used by sites like

To download Adobe Flash Player please go to

If you are using Beating the Blues at Work, it’s possible that your IT team have blocked sites like You Tube as their use is rarely work related. Please go to and try to watch a video, if you are unable to do so, you’ll need to ask your IT department to allow the use of flash videos from Beating the Blues.

If the videos are slow and jumpy this is probably due to your internet connection not being fast enough. Please check your internet connection speed.

I have no printer

Beating the Blues requires a printer to be installed as it prints out worksheets to be completed during the session. The program is most effective if you have a physical printer because users are asked to write on the worksheets as they go through the sessions in preparation for offline work between sessions.

For users who do not have a physical printer, a virtual PDF printer can be downloaded and installed for free from This allows users to Save the Printouts as a PDF file.

In order to use the program it is essential that a physical or virtual printer is installed on the machine.

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password, what should I do?

For security reasons the system will lock your account after 3 unsuccessful login attempts – however the account is only locked for 60 seconds so you’ll be able to try again shortly.

If you are unable to remember your username and/or password there is a “forgotten password” link on the login page – click on this and enter either your username or your email address and the program will email your username and password to your registered email address. If you don’t have an email address on the system the program will ask you to answer your security question before presenting your password on screen.

If you are unable to retrieve your login details using the “Forgotten Password” function, then contact your Beating the Blues provider who will be able to reset your password for you and provide you the new details.

Emails not received

Beating the Blues will send you emails while you are using the program to help you get started, remind you what you’ve covered, and remind you if you don’t login for a while. If you are expecting emails from the program and are not receiving them, please do the following:

  • Check that your email on the system is correct, accurate and up to date – if you are unable to login your Beating the Blues Provider can help with this.
  • Check your junk email to see if the emails have been saved there
  • Ensure that is in your safe senders list to make sure emails don’t get confused with spam
Is Beating the Blues compatible with Tablets or Smart Phones?

Regrettably Beating the Blues is not currently compatible with iPads/iPhones/iPods as it requires Flash to run the sessions. We are looking into solutions for this but currently it is not compatible.

Other tablets/Smart Phones will run Beating the Blues, however it has been designed for PC use and is best experienced on a computer.

We are currently looking into ways of making the program function better on hand held devices and improved functionality for use while on the move.