Help and Support

If you are having problems with Beating the Blues

Do I need a computer to access Beating the Blues?

No, Beating the Blues is accessible via smart phones and tablets as well as computers. 

Do I need to download additional software to run Beating the Blues?

Beating the Blues is an online programme and is accessible via all modern browsers and devices.

Do I need a printer?

If you have a printer you can print out worksheets to be completed during and in-between the session. Alternatively, you can complete the worksheets online.

How do I activate Beating the Blues?
  • Click the link from invitation email and follow the instructions creating a username and password.
There is no continue button – how to I move on?

Some screens have menus – particularly where the case studies are available to view, but also other menus where you are required to view several options. If there is no continue button, click on each of the menu buttons and you’ll find the continue button is presented when you have viewed enough of the examples.

Can I move to the next session without completing the current one?

No, you cannot move to the next session without completing the current one. The data you enter in each session is recorded and is required in subsequent sessions.

When should I leave the programme and call someone for help?

If you have any thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, you should stop using the programme and contact someone for help. This is also true if you feel that you are not improving after a few weeks of using the programme.

Emails not received

Beating the Blues will send you emails while you are using the program to help you get started, remind you what you’ve covered, and remind you if you don’t login for a while. If you are expecting emails from the program and are not receiving them, please do the following:

  • Check that your email on the system is verified and up to date
  • Check your junk email to see if the emails have been saved there
  • Ensure that is in your safe senders list to make sure emails don’t get confused with spam
  • if you are unable to login then please contact your Beating the Blues Provider can help with this.
How long does the course take?

Beating the Blues consists of 8 sessions with each session consisting of 3 or 4 modules each lasting about 10-15 minutes. We suggest aiming to complete a session a week.

We recommend setting aside a regular time to complete a module. When you need to log out your data is saved. When you next log in you will restart where you left off.

How do i contact the support team?

If you have any questions, please email us at